Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer that you are looking for below, please contact our customer service team here, and they'll be pleased to help you.


How long will my membership last?

If you hold a monthly membership, your payments will be debited each month until you decide to cancel your subscription.

If you hold an annual membership, one payment will be debited every 12 months until you decide to cancel your subscription.

How do I upgrade my membership?

You can upgrade your membership in a few short steps:

  1. Click here to go to the Your Membership area.
  2. Choose the membership plan you would like.
  3. Click "Select", then click "Upgrade".

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at anytime directly from your account without charge. If you decide you would like to cancel or pause your membership, you can:

  • Choose to suspend your account. This will pause payments for three months, keeping all your current details, preferences, and your Personal Learning Plan. Just contact Customer Services here and let us know you would like to suspend your membership. Please be aware you cannot suspend an Annual membership midterm.
  • Approach your employer about the benefits of Mind Tools and ask them to pay for your access (and your colleagues’!), through a Corporate Account.
  • Cancel completely if you wish. Just go to your membership area and click "Edit Payment Details". Then click "Cancel Your Membership". Follow the short process and confirm cancellation. After cancellation is complete, you will continue to have access to the Club for the period that you have paid for.

We hope to welcome you back to the Club one day! So, if you would like to re-join, simply log in to your Mind Tools account and follow the instructions to renew.

Weekly Newsletter

How do I subscribe to your free newsletter?

Click here to subscribe. You will also receive our Personal Development Plan workbook when you do.

My newsletter is going to my spam box. How do I get it into my inbox?

In some cases, the newsletter may end up in your email account's Spam or Junk folders. To ensure that you get the newsletter direct to your inbox, please add to your email “whitelist” – your list of approved or “safe” email addresses.

Viewing Restrictions

Why can I view only three articles?

You can read three articles a month on the Mind Tools site for free. Articles are limited to a small taster if they are exclusive club content.

While reading your three free articles, there will be a banner that follows you at the bottom of the page. This counts the number of articles you have read. This banner will not appear on club articles, or when you have reached your three-article limit.

Once you have hit your limit, all articles are blocked and only teasers will be available. These articles will also carry a pop-up, explaining you have read "3 out of 3" articles.

But you can re-read any of the three articles you have viewed, at any time. Your three-article allowance will refresh 30 days after your first visit to the site.

If you would like unlimited access to Mind Tools content, please sign up for a membership here.

Mind Tools Store

Can I buy a Mind Tools Workbook without a membership?

Yes by visiting the Mind Tools Store. Simply add the product you want to your basket and pay at the checkout with your payment method of choice.

Permissions and Reproductions

Can I reproduce Mind Tools material?

Our Terms of Use restrict use of Club resources to your personal use only. However, we can license resources to support training sessions. Please visit our permission helpdesk to find out more.

To address specific training needs, or to drive major organisational development, please visit Emerald Works to find out more about our range of bespoke corporate solutions.


I want to purchase a Mind Tools Club membership, but don't have a credit or debit card. What can I do?

You can pay for a Mind Tools Annual membership by invoice. Simply email the Mind Tools Customer Service team here, and request payment by invoice. Unfortunately, Mind Tools cannot accept invoice payments for monthly memberships.

I have a valid credit card, but I can't use it on your site. What can I do?

If you are having issues making a purchase, please contact our Customer Service team here, and they will be pleased to help you.

How do I view my receipts?

You can view and download your receipts directly from your account. Please log in and go to My Account – Payment History.

If you bought a membership through our App, using in-app purchases, your payment history will be available within your App Store account section.


There is a specific tool I am looking for. How can I find it?

The easiest way to find a tool or resource is to use the navigation bar at the top of this page.

Most resources are exclusive to Mind Tools Club members only. If you would like access to more than 2,400+ different resources, as well as the use of our career forums, you can join the Club here.

Corporate or Group Membership

Can I make the Mind Tools resources available to my team?

Your Club membership restricts access to Mind Tools resources to your personal use only. However, you can make Mind Tools resources available to your team or organization by:

  1. Giving your people corporate membership to the Mind Tools Toolkit.
  2. Populating your intranet or learning management system with Mind Tools resources.
  3. Using our material to support specific training interventions.

Click here to explore all our services available to organizations, or contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.

App Memberships

How does a membership purchased through the App differ from a membership bought through the website?

Mind Tools Club memberships purchased through our App, using in-app purchases, are handled by the app store through which you downloaded the app.

This means that prices may differ and all payment, billing, membership changes, and cancellations are dealt with by the Apple App Store or Google Play. To manage your subscription, you will need to use your device Account Settings.

I purchased a Mind Tools subscription through the App. How do I make changes to, or cancel my membership?

If you paid for a membership through our App, using in-app purchases, all payment, billing, membership changes, and cancellations are handled by the app store through which you downloaded the app. You will need to go to your device Account Settings to change or cancel your membership.